Sunday, November 9, 2008

Other Projects

I pushed aside some projects to make time for painting Sikh history and because I get bored from working on one thing for two long. Here are two WIPs from my fictional fantasy world called Miri Piri. it's something I have been dreaming about ever since I played Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft. Note: These are NOT real! I just had to say that because I have had this guy... let's just say he got pissed off at Khalistani Warrior (scroll down the comments to see).

Anyway, I have to say Khalistani Warrior turned out to be one of my most famous pieces judging by the views it got. It was the first painting I did when I got my tablet. Before that I painted with a mouse and it was a huge pain in the... ... hand. My Sarbloh Warriors concept/game art was done completely with mouse. That was how I really got into this digital painting business.

Well, without further delay here is another Khalistani Warrior WIP:

So Khalistan consists of this huge castle surrounded by a few villages, in the middle in Dead Lands and west of the Himalayan mountain ranges. It is north of the Southern Dynasty.

Some background storyline I am working on:
"One night, when the Sikhs are celebrating Vaisakhi, the Southern Dynasty with their hordes of infantry, elephants, monkey warriors and Mountain Giants, attack the castle. The Southern Dynasty who was once their closest ally had chose to betray them and besiege their castle. They took over Khalistan, after putting up a small fight with the Sikhs, who had fled north in an attempt to save whatever that was left of their kind. They were met with the Dragons, who were being hunted down by the Undead and the Western Alliance.
The Dragons and Khalistanis joined forces and took back the great Dragon city of Dormgore...
He is now a warrior of the race known as the Dragon Riders."

Talking about Dragon Riders, here is a Dragon Rider WIP:

BTW his sword is the Khanda symbol, with Waheguru (wonderful teacher AKA God) imprinted in it.
Currently, I am working on a comic based on Miri Piri. Depending on how things go, my plan is to release the first issue by the end of August this year but I doubt I'll finish the issue by then since there are currently only two people working on it, including myself. I have pictured it being turned into a game as well, but we'll see how things go.


Dhupp said...

Dear Sir,

Yesterday I was watching a presentation on Sikhs and I realized that on Punjabi TV many of the Sikh images which are being showed are from Sobha Singh and are really very old. They are used repeatedly. I really hope that good artists like you find the inspirational from Guru Ji to paint good positive pictures because our religion definitely needs artists. It’s good to study, but please never quit at your artistic dreams. Read lines from Gurbani and become inspired to create digital paintings which represent those lines. The paintings that are available these days are only the old Sobha Singh paintings or the new 3HO paintings where sometimes the Gurus are painted with blonde hair as if they were from Europe. So please post some positive, victorious Sikh images in your blog and you will go far as our religion needs artists.

Bhagat Singh said...

I agree with you dhupp, there really isn't much out there. Sikhs need to get in to media. things like rise of khalsa, sundri, sarbloh warriors and recently Singh is Kinng and now Sat Sri Akal, are a good start. Painting is my passion, I will never quit it, and I will definitely take that step to bring Sikhs into comics and on canvas. Thanks for your concern. and congratulations, you got the first comment!!