Sunday, November 9, 2008

I want to paint! I want to study!

I, seriously, want to paint but being a Biology student, I hardly get time. Over the last few years digital painting has become my passion. When I am not painting, I think about painting; and when I do get to it, I start worrying about uni. My mind jumps from art to uni and my thoughts become disorganized like my bedroom. I sit down to work and think, "Should I paint? or Should I work on assignments?". My mind then thinks, "I don't feel like studying, I think I'll paint." to then, "No. First, I must get something done for uni." I go down to the kitchen, grab a snack and have a drink of cool water, to try and set my mind straight. Next thing I know, I am in front of the television wondering, "What am I doing here?". I go back to my computer hoping that my mind will do something productive, and I sit there... waiting... writing stuff on my new blog just hoping for that electrochemical gradient in my neuron cells to signal some sort of motor movements involving the use of my hands, to exert an upward force the textbook and my eyes, to detect the electromagnetic spectrum reflected off the pages.

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