Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slowly but surely..

I was just looking through my last post when I realized something, the only difference between the words "tourist" and "terrorist", is "our" and "erro". Tourists are ours, and terrorists... err...O, you can keep them!

Final exams are just around the corner. I can't wait till I can start working on my paintings full time! After I finish three of my WIPs, I am planning on working on some "peaceful" types that show the humbleness, reasoning, guru ka langar, and many other non-violent aspects of Sikh history. I realized that my goal was (and still is) to create a positive image of Sikhs, but by showing all this violence, I create a negative effect on a neutral observer. I am thankful to God for making me realize this sooner. I bet most of you are like, " Why not start earlier? Why finish three before changing subject?" Well, the three paintings I mentioned are Mai Bhago - The Brave kaur, Battle of Chamkaur - Sahibzada Ajit Singh, and Banda Singh- Battle Charge (I guarantee if nothing else, that Singhnis are going to love Mai Bhago one). These paintings are 60-80% complete, and I am actually hoping to get them out by the end of this summer, leaving all of next year for what I call meditation through art. So far it has been intense gatka training and horse riding. Hehe
So slowly but surely, I will get those three paintings out. Slowly but surely, I will turn this negative effect into a positive one. Slowly but surely, I will learn to make better jokes, better than the one I started this post off with! HAHA

Monday, March 16, 2009

A strange thought

Hey guys, I have been absent from this blog for quite a bit now. I have been bombarded with midterms and assignments! Over the past month, I started to work on this new amateur comic. Its about this angel dude... I really have no clue about the story. haha, I figured if I was going to make Mutants and Miri Piri, I was going to need some experience. For those that think it would be better to work on comics based on history, well, I admire the thinking. I have started work on one such graphic novel, with a long distance friend of mine. I am not going to reveal anything just yet, except that its from the Sarbloh Warriors time period.

So, why the strange title about strange thoughts? No, I am not trying to mislead anyone here, haha, I may have done that in the past...or I may have not... Anyway, after the midterm I had today, I was walking to Union station when I said to myself, "Hey, today would be a good day to take pictures of the city!" (so I can get more practice for cityscapes for the Mutants comic)

As soon as I pull out my camera, I was thining, "I will either look like a tourist or a terrorist. trying to take pictures to either show to family or to plan a bombing or something." I laughed, " Judging by my turban, I am probably going to come off as a terrorist, rather than a tourist."


There was this one time when this old white guy was staring as I walked down the underground path. I couldn't help but gigle to myself as I passed him. Before that happened, I used to joke with friends about something like that...

BTW if you're wondering why Kes is saying "No!" in that picture... join the club...