Saturday, November 23, 2013

Blizzcon 2013 Art Contest

Happy Birthday to me
All the Deceivers hate me
They yell "We'll kill thee!"
Don't seem very friendly
They roar and attack me
I am connected spiritually
The spirits dance, possess me
And I raise bear zombie
My bears growl, are deadly
The Deceivers die, some flee
Key Warden looks angry
Might have the Hatred Key
He spins forth furiously
But he's no match for me
He dies but drops no key
Should've run a higher MP
Happy Birthday to me
Witch Doctor - Zombie Bears
The Witch Doctor is the master of fire, death and disease. He is able to raise the dead from the ground to fight for him, including bears. These dead bears otherwise known as Zombie Bears are one of his most powerful allies against the forces of evil.