Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bhai Baghel Singh 2

So after completing the first Bhai Baghel Singh speedpainting, I went back to it to work on it more. I tried changing up some compositional elements. I moved him closer to the Red Fort and changed the angle at which he approached the fort. I also added some cannons and armies in front of him (or behind him depending on how you look at it). However, after some serious consideration I found that the first composition works better. I mean there are things I like about this one that aren't present in the older one, but I think I handled the values much better in the older one and that gives it an edge over this one. I am going to stop here and continue to work on other paintings that are closer to completion, and take a break from it so that I can revisit it with a fresh eye.

Speaking of breaks I took a long break from the Battle For Hindustan mod. Hopefully the mind will get back to it soon and will finalize the things that it was working on.

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