Friday, June 21, 2013

Behold Optic Blast!

So firstly the progress on the mod is going well. We are slowly adding new content and polishing old one. Setting milestones for each week, each month and then reaching it, thereby constantly chipping away at the mod. I have pretty much stopped working on my paintings, and I am devoting all that time to the mod. I've never been more excited to work on it than ever before, and I've never realized the work it takes to make a video game (mod). It's pretty awesome!
On the side I've been playing Marvel Heroes and Smite. Marvel Heroes is all about beating up baddies and defeating villains with your favourite hero, and mine happens to be Cyclops (And Wolverine), and so the game inspired me to do draw them. I figured since I can't show anything from the mod yet, as it hasn't been finalized, why not show you guys some of the other things I do in my pass time.

Cyclops just about to shoot an optic blast. A work in progress.


Anonymous said...

can we get maybe a beta for the mod ?
or maybe a rough release date ?!

Bhagat Singh Bedi said...

Hmm hadn't though about releasing a beta... will have to think about it and discuss it with Zuber.