Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Red vs Blue

I have been so busy last two months with a commission and an art contest. Nothing to show yet. I am sure I can share my contest painting once the results are out, in the next blog. The commission is still in WIP. Once its completed I will finish off Guru Arjun Dev ji's painting, which at this point is like 95% completed, and put that out there for you guys.
So for this blog, I just decided to just sketch stuff. I ended up revisiting the mutants, Fateh and Zora. I was actually working on Fateh since I hadn't quite differentiated him from Cyclops enough. I ditched the glasses and looked in my culture to see what he could be doing. So now what Fateh does is he practices meditation, and this allows him to bring energy from his navel chakra into his third eye, and projects that through his physical third dye. He actually has a physical third eye. He was always the religious type, very peaceful and focused man. He has been enlightened as well, which led him deeper into his faith. He is someone who hates fighting and only fights because he has to. In this concept he is without clothes, just wearing boxers and socks. His sleep seems to have been interrupted by a deadly opponent.

Here are some of the earlier concepts of Fateh Singh:
Fateh Singh with jacket and glasses
Fateh Singh green discharge

On the other hand we have Zora, who is completely irreverent and snide. Always looking for trouble, always looking for a fight. He is also very powerful, and knows it. He can not only manipulate ice but can also create explosions by manipulating the elements in water. The latter is much harder to do and so he generally avoids it. He hasn't changed much from his previous concepts. I like his look and his powers, so I kept them.

Here are some of the earlier concepts of Zora Singh:
The first Zora Singh sketch
Zora in the rain
Zora liquid oxygen


Anonymous said...

any updates on the mod ?

Bhagat Singh Bedi said...

I'll definitely share stuff from the mod as we make more progress.