Monday, March 18, 2013

Akalini, now in 3D

Low-poly Dragoon Gun
I've been doing lots of 3D modelling these past several months. Seeing as most of my previous models were rough and unfinished, I decided I wanted to take something to completion. So I began working on Akali and Akalini, and completed this low-poly model today. I am going to now begin texturing (or colouring) the model so that it looks more like the artwork. Alongside, I also completed a super small model of the dragoon gun (it doesn't need to be any more detailed) which one of the Sikh units will wield in the AOE mod. It is textured and is ready to be imported into the game.

Some of the things we want in the mod are not present in the game. There are certain guns, turbans, armours and beards that we cannot extract from other characters so these have to be modelled and imported. Now we are not going to be able to import custom character models like the one you see below with animations but we can certainly import props just like the Dragoon that will add much needed historical accuracy to our mod. Some of you noticed that Nihang's turban is not from the 1800s, that it's too modern for the period. You are correct, and we now have the tools and skills to correct that. But I am probably going to leave his turban alone until we get some of the other units completed first.
Akalini: Warrior Monk

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