Friday, April 19, 2013

Small Update

So this past month I've worked on the mod quite a bit, especially on the programming side of things. I implemented a pseudo-Mughal civilization into Age of Empires 3, along with tech upgrades for all the infantry and cavalry and started testing it, its strengths and weaknesses, home city shipments and unit performance. Its been quite an interesting experience, and I've been making several tweaks to the function of Mughal units, re-purposing them to fit certain roles in the Empire. My research on Mughals and revision of previously read material goes on. In addition to the Mughals, I have been working on Punjabi units, which I will share more about in the coming months.

Before I became fully focused on the mod, I worked on the textures of the Akalini model a little bit. Here is the work in progress. Again I'll be keeping you guys updated as I put more work into her.

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Anonymous said...

finallly !!!
yes yes yes can't wait !
if i ever play aoe 3 again it will be to use this mod !