Friday, July 6, 2012

Weekly Sketch #12: Patialvi Baba

I was going through older work and was inspired by a few images I had published, Khalistani Warrior and this random dude. Remember that guy? From 2009
So in the same spirit and theme I present this week's sketch. It started off as a simple line drawing. I went back and shaded it in and was satisfied. It was a great addition to my sketchbook. Something that was both familiar and novel. But my whole sketchbook was all black and white pencil drawings. I decided to pull out my watercolours and coloured him in. Hesistant as first, I put down a few shades on his left leg (the other left). I figured if I mess up it will look less bad. But it turned out well overall. I am happy with it.

Click on the image to check out the full thing at Deviantart.

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