Thursday, July 19, 2012

AOE3 Mod - Battle for Hindustan: Mughals

Home City: Dilli
Sardar: Gurkhani Sardar
Officers: Mansabdar

by Zuber Singh, edited by Bhagat Singh

A once glorious empire built on the backs of equally glorious rulers is slowly dying. The great horse armies of the Mughal Empire, which had once ridden the length and breadth of Hindustan, the Indian subcontinent, are slowly fading away in an increasingly modern world. From the creeping decay of their huge citadels, armies ride and march out once more. One final push for survival, it could mean the end of the Mughal world or it could mean the Mughals will soon see their empire rise like a phoenix over all of India, as it had done in the lifetime of their ancestors. Either way, the emperors of this sleeping giant will not let their palaces or grand armies become a mere memory of their magnificent past.

Siege Banduqchi
The Mughal war machine is mix of old and new, with a deadly effectiveness in the field. The Mughals are descended from the Khans of the Mongol Empire, and it clearly shows in their armies. Their expert horsemen wield the bow, lance and other weapons with dangerous skill. The Mughals brought with them not only a new era to India, but also gunpowder. Their Atish-baz, or fire-playing arsenal includes musketeers of fierce reputation, cannons of legendary size and rockets that rain down death, to name a few. The Mughals while being outsiders are ethnically and culturally as diverse as the lands they have come to rule: as such, the Mughal army comprises and has access to warriors not only from the familiar Indian Subcontinent but also to exotic mercenaries from far flung lands.
Siege Banduqchi, are musketeers equipped
 with siege technology - mantle, pickaxes,
 large amounts of gunpowder and muskets.
These are available to the Mughals
in later ages when siege becomes necessary.

Still, the Mughals are rulers of India and have come to define Indian culture itself; as such their armies are distinctively Indian. Their huge walking towers of lumbering terror complement their swift riders. The war elephants of the Mughals can quickly turn the battefield around when used correctly. Their brave but rustic Hindu militiamen (Bhumi) are ready to die for honor and the nobler and courageous Hindu vassals are more than willing to populate the city like Mughal war camps. The Mughals are an aggressive civilization and excel at siege, but do not underestimate their ability to defend. The strength of their fort-cities are stuff of legend.

Bhumi, Veteran Bhumi and Honored Bhumi
Armed with a khanda, the Bhumi force is no less than the  Mughal cavalry.
Do not underestimate these native Hindu warriors.

Tabinan Archer, Veteran Tabinan Archer and Honored Tabinan Archer
Descendents of the Mongol nomadic cavalry archers, the Tabinan Archers
combined with Tabinan Lancers are the backbone of the Mughal force.

Note from Zuber and I:
Even as a two man team we are making great progression on this mod, and hope to release it in the near future. However as a two man team our ambitions for the mod are severely limited and we are progressing at a rate much slower than we would have liked. This is why we are looking for interns who will be interested in joining our team in this venture, who would be interested and committed in this mod. Experience doesn’t matter as we believe that will come eventually but hard work is definitely what we are looking for.


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