Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Guru Arjun Dev ji's Martyrdom

This month was Guru Arjun Dev ji's shaheedi divas, the day when he was martyred after being tortured on a hot plate.

Guru Arjun Dev

This painting shows Guru Arjun Dev ji peacefully meditating while being tortured. Guru Sahib was made to sit on a hot plate and had hot sand poured over his head and body. Even though he was put through immense pain, he was in profound peace with the moment, with the situation he found himself in. One day while meditating on Guru Sahib’s poetry and the scene of his martyrdom, I had such a profound experience of Guru Sahib, an experience so emotionally moving and so overwhelmingly blissful that I knew I had to paint this scene.

To purchase this painting please head over to SikhiArt.com

In other news, Zuber and I have been getting back to the Mod for AoE 3. Now that his summer holidays have begun, he's getting started with implementing Punjab into the game. As for me, I've been learning how to design scenarios, to create good layouts and to be able to set off certain effects that advance the storyline. I will share more info as the mod develops.

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