Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weekly Sketch #11: Dinosaurs and Sikh Toons

What do Dinosaurs and Sikhs have in common?
Think about it... I'll give my answer later in the post.

University started a while ago, it's crazier than it has even been. But not the homework... not yet ... it's some of the other little projects, I am working on. Trying to shuffle between them and the school work is a daily chore. Not only that but I'm releasing yet another painting. Right now, I'm getting critiques, adding finishing touches and so on. It'll be a while before, I can put it up.

In the midst of all that, I do my usual "city-reading", whenever I would walk to Union Station from the core of downtown. City-reading is when you walk around the city by yourself, observe people and buildings... maybe even youself in the mirrors haha... observe the textures - of the roads, cracks, bricks..., the atmosphere, the breeze, the humidity, the temperature, the sky - if it's not too bright... the clouds, the reflections on the buildings, the smoke... and just take every sensation in. It's strange but entertaning when you have no company. It seems like a lot but it calms you down. Well, that's how it works for me. As an artist and even as a scientist, one must learn to observe, one must learn to look at things from a new angle, and one must keep an open mind.

Anyways, back to that question I asked at the beginning of the post. What do Sikhs and Dinosaurs have in common?
Well, ignoring the common ancestry and the similar molecular structures of the subjects, both have been the giants of my world - they have been of great interest to me. I used to go to the library and would pick up books just to look at paintings of the dinosaurs. I wondered how we had come to know such things, how did such big "lizards" came about... it went as far as wanting to be a paleontologist, at one point... My interest in Sikhism came 3 years later...

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