Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekly Sketch #1: Birdman Tara

"What should I name it?"
As I worked on this final sketch, I kept thinking about naming it! Thinking that weekly Sketch #1 isn't a good name, I activated my "name generator networks" in my brain, and in no time names started popping up in my head.

Bird Warrior
No, sounds like fantasy warrior that uses bird attacks or something...

Birdman Jones...

Birdman Jones

Birdman Jones

A friend comes on MSN ... ... Him: have you worked on the comic? ... Me: No, I am working on my weekly sketch... Him: Cool, what is it? Is it like top-secret?... Me: Bird Man Nihang... Him: lol!

So now I had a better name Birdman Nihang... (by Nihang I mean sikh warrior). Suddenly...
Birdman Jones
WTF??!?! and that's where it hit me, that name wasn't personal enough! hahaha

OK, enough with that. This is sketch is dedicated to my pet lovebird (there is a type of bird called lovebird). Cheers to his cute annoyingness! haha

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