Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feedback please

Come on, guys I've been blogging for quite a bit but I haven't gotten much feedback, their was a veer who pointed out that more non-war paintings should be done and some people are regularly checking the blog but other than that nothing! Comment on stuff, tell me what you think, what you like and what you don't like about what I write or paint. Only then I can figure out what people are looking for. If nothing else then just point out the speling mistaks and errors of gramatical, for God's sake. So c'mon people put your thinking caps and err... turbans? on and unleash the... err.. comments!

While your at it, check out this cartoon. The inspiration came from Chakram, a unit from Age of Empires. He is a nihang that always uses chakars. Kind of strange but I guess it does add variety. Anyway, here is Jathedar Cronk Singh. I've been thinking now and I think that I should star doing comics on him. Nothing major, just good old humour, Pagt(Bhagat) style!


turbanator said...

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
Ur art is great...I am amazed to see such great sikh history represented in art...I have a suggestion for u- y don't u start designing pics just for t-shirts???or clothes??I am not a designer or anything but love to wear customized t-shirts with stuff related to sikhism over them...I believe it is a good way to represent I hope u do think in that direction as well...thanks a lot for ur gr8 Saheb mehar karan and u keep in chardi kala....also please check ur gmail...
Gur Fateh...
Gurjot Singh(New Zealand)

Bhagat Singh said...

That's a pretty good idea, actually. I will look into that this summer.

Teja said...

Just stumbled across your blog - nice work - keep it up! How many hrs a week do you put into art - are you a full time biology student? One of my favourite cg artists from mainstream comics is
clayton crain ( specifically his work on ghost rider a couple of yrs back) - have you ever seen his work if so what do you think his cg art techniques?

Sandhu Singh Navjeet said...

Great work ! That's the only thing I can say to you.

Really it's a good work.

Please if you can, add a sentence or so with every picture you have created -just to better explain the message it give.

Bhagat Singh said...

Hi Teja, the amount of hourse depends on what my course load is at the time. Yes, I am a full time biology student.
I didn't know about Clayton Crain but I checked him out. Seeems like his style is a combination of cartoony, realism.I cannot say anuthing about his style, if it works for him then its great!

Hi Navjeet, thanks!
I don't know what messages my pictures give. That really depends on the viewer, and what they think of it.

Teja said...

Hi Bhagat, I agree there is a pronouced cartoony feel to some of his work especially the facials - which detracts somewhat from his cg technique. Are you conscious of any particular artist or body of work as inspiration for your approach or style?

Bhagat Singh said...

Hi Teja
Well, Sobha Singh and Kirpal Singh have always been there.
Other than those two, it has to be concept art for video games. Video games have always inspired me.
What really got me into Sikh art was Sarbloh Warriors, which is another video game. :)