Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mutants - Outcast

While "Mutants - Born to Stand Out" was planned to be an intro to the Mutants universe, "Mutants - Outcast" will contain more conflict. It will be darker, grittier. Our heroes would be older by now, probably finishing up their college.
Coincidentally, (I call it the Wireless Network Effect lol) a Singh said the exact same words, as I thought a Sikh in the Mutants storyline would say! This Singh was joking around when he said (on msn):
"that is why all of the images we are getting for the auction are of Singhs and Kaurs"
"Singhs and Kaurs that [typo] are not MUTANT!" (should be: Singhs are Kaurs are not Mutants!)
that [they] are HUMAN"

What he said as a joke, is the reality of Mutants. Sikh Mutants feel like they are outcasts! They don't belong in any community, and their own Mutant community is too small and dispersed throughout the world. On top of that, Mutants have a bad reputation. It is not their fault though, most of the cases of deaths involving a Mutant, were when the Mutant had no control. This can result from several factors. Would you really blame someone for killing thousands of innocent people when they really had no control over what they were doing? One moment everyone is doing their business, next moment the whole town blows up! ... I bet you would...

But this feeling of being an outcast ticks most Mutants off! One example would be Zora Singh, he is the rival of the main character. This feeling fuels his anger, his rage. On top of that most poeple will look at him and judge by what he looks like. The same Singh says (on msn):
"zora sing[h]"
"look at where his hand is"
he looks like a gangster wanta be"
See what I mean? I bet that's the first thing you thought about him as well.

Today I present to you another Zora Singh artwork. (It was the first thing you saw up there)
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