Thursday, September 27, 2012

Akali: Warrior Monk

I know what you are thinking. WTF Bhagt Siyan?! Where have you been? No updates, not even some random sketch. What happened to your weeklies? What happened to the bond we shared together? you no value bond? Our bond?

Bhagat value bond, our bond.

How do I know you are thinking that? Because you were reading what I wrote and thinking it in your head. The real question is were you aware that you were thinking it in your head?

Anyways, it turns out female Akali are called Akalini. Like gardener is called mali, and a female gardener is called malini. Hence this post is titled Akali, I changed title of the last one to Akalini. This time their turban is even bigger, so are their weapons, and they are enchanted with magical properties, dangerous powers than can be exploited in the battlefield. From turbans to turban towers to turban forts and castles, Akalis are more badass than ever before.

I am trying to practice my concept design. I am gona try and shell out a few more of Akali, big turban theme. And also rework the Snake Charmer design. This one is just way too much like the historical male Akali. I want Snake Charmers to look like ascetics, and tribal-like in appearance, mix of Indian sadhu and vanar. Even those that descend from Akali.