Sunday, June 28, 2009

Udasis of Guru Nanak update!

Well, for having the highest vote so far I thought I should work on Udasis of Guru Nanak to keep my mind off of Battle of Chamkaur for a couple of days. I am trying to give form to something that is just a concept of the human mind, and at the same time show it in a familiar way. In this update, I have developed the concept further, and I plan to keep going.
And about Battle of Chamkaur, this coming Tuesday is looking good for now but I'll keep updating you guys on it.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weekly Sketch #6: Yet Another Nihang

It feels like I am majoring in Nihangs or something. haha

Anyways, in this painting I was just going for the right colours without cheating( where I would simply pick the colours off the photo). I think I did pretty well. Again, I am just using Charles Meacham's photos... Hope he doesn't mind...

This is good practice to take my mind off of Battle of Chamkaur for a couple of days. I am just not picking up on the crits so I thought perhaps when I look at it after a few days, I'll be able to see what I can improve. It's gotta be a masterpiece! I am in love with it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekly Sketch #5: Happy Nihang

It's time for a weekly sketch! It's a bit a cartoony and a bit out of proportions at places even for a cartoon but no worries.
Um... I reached my goal of completing Battle of Chamkaur - Sahibzada Ajit Singh. Now I am trying to get criticisms to improve this dynamic piece. I was so concentrated on the technical bits that I had forgot to consider how it was turning out overall. So the plan is to finish it by next week Tuesday. Hopefully it all works out by then.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weekly Sketch #4: Biocyborg

A bit early for a weekly sketch post, and that's because I didn't do much for Battle of Chamkaur. I set a deadline for myself for June 20th. So the plan is to finish BoC by 20ish then give myself 10 days to correct any mistakes, getting it ready by the end of the month.
I put up a poll for my next painting. So far Udasis of Guru Nanak has the lead. It turns out that its also the only painting up there that I have to study for. I mean I have to study clouds, mountains and landscapes before I do a decent job on it. I don't mean to discourage its supporters though. Banda Singh - Battle Charge is in second place. It has had more work put in to it than the other WIPs. If Udasis of Guru Nanak will take the longest to finish then Banda Singh - Battle Charge will take the shortest.

Anyways, enough updates.
Here's the sketch. It's a biocyborg. Read more about them here: Sikh Biocyborg
I didn't spend time refining it so some pointless things like the tube are still there. My main concern was to get a sci fi feel to it, and I think I did. Remember...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weekly Sketch #3: Rocky Mountains

First things first, make sure you guys vote in the poll. Check out the paintings on before you do. WIP = works in progress and SP = speed paintings
This week's sketch is of the Rocky Mountains... more like a painting but a good start, I think, when doing landscapes. As you guys know, Udasis of Guru Nanak features a dark (will be darker when I am done! muhahaha) mountainscape in the back. So why not paint a few before jumping right into a powerful piece?

Um... not to try to offfend anyone but I think Rocky Mountains is the most uncreative, unimaginative name ever! haha WTF? Rocky Mountains who thought of such a name? It's like calling the Himalayan mountains, Large/Tall Mountains or Snowy Mountains or something. It's like naming an Indian guy, Brownie Sharma. Anyways, I have never been to the Rocky Mountains, maybe they are so rocky that no one could resist the temptation of naming them the Rockies. haha, and maybe a guy could be so brown that the name Brownie is suited...
One day I will find out...

So for the sketch I just took a random photo of the Rockies, off of Google images and copied it. The clouds need more work. Perhaps, that's something to consider for a weekly sketch.

I also grabbed another photo and copied it. It's supposed to be Lake Louise, and no I haven't been here either...
This time I didn't go straight to colour, I first did it in greyscale.

Then I overlayed some colour, and voila!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Weekly Sketch #2: Nihang Singh - Greyscale

It's more of a painting than a sketch. I recieved my new Pen Tablet a couple days ago, so I just wanted to paint something quick. I have some photographs by Charles Meacham, so I took one, and started to copy the values.
These past two weeks I devoted to the Battle of Chamkaur(BOC) - Sahibzada Ajit Aingh, finishing up the main sketch, adding new things, adding more detail. Once its complete, there will be plenty of things going on in the painting. Each section will have its own story to tell. Often what happens in Sikh war paintings is that the main focus is the only thing there to look at at. A second or third glance does not create further interest. My goal for BoC is to create that interest. Hopefully, I can achieve that goal. In the Works in Progress section on my website, I have taken down the previous update of BoC. Its now back to the old version. That was just supposed to be a glimpse at how its coming along. Anyways, so the plan now is to release that painting by the end of this month.
I am having difficulty deciding what I should paint next. So I'll be putting up a poll, where you can tell me which painting you would like to see completed next. To see what the paintings look like you might want to visit Gallery->Works in Progress (WIP) or Gallery-> Speed Paintings (SP) on
Here's the list in no particular order:
>Udasis Of Guru Nanak (WIP)
>Banda Singh - Battle Charge (WIP)
>Mai Bhago - The Brave Kaur (WIP)
>Akali Phula Singh (WIP)
>Akali Phula Singh (SP)
>Machiwara (SP)
I have laid out some ideas for other paintings. Some of which will have nothing to do with war. However, I want to complete at least four of the above before I work on new ones.